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Not sure if I am the healer for you? Here are some of thoughts and feelings from clients I have worked with. If you have experienced a healing and would like to leave a review it means a lot to me. I take my work seriously and feel grateful to work with each and every one of you. Thank you for trusting me to work with you and I hope to see you again soon!

If I could rate 100 stars I would! I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life. On a whim, with no expectations, I tried a reiki session with Molly. Wow!!! Within a few minutes of my first session I felt the deepest relaxation come over me. I now have a weekly session with Molly and my anxieties are now almost nonexistent. I have never slept better as well. Molly is the real deal, knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive. Highly recommend people to incorporate her practice into your life.


I truly cannot say enough good things about Molly! She is a deeply devoted and intuitive healer who taps into her creativity to make every individual feel seen. She is genuine, compassionate and one of a kind. I had a virtual healing session with Molly during a tough time, and the benefits of her insight and healing gifts were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Molly to anyone looking to dive deeper into their healing journey! 🤍


For nearly a year, my right leg was plagued with blisters and a terrible thick rash that was itchier than my will power. I woke up every night scratching it to the point of bleeding. Specialists diagnosed it as severe nickel allergy after months of testing and recommended I begin life long allergy medication by injection. I knew that was not the road for me. But the rash was spreading and the itching was unbearable. I had tried dietary/lifestyle changes and every lotion/ointment/steroid. Nothing was working and my intuition told me it was more than nickel causing the rash.
I spoke with Molly about it and felt very comfortable letting her work with me toward restoring my physical body. She was compassionate and empathetic, listened with great attention and gave feedback as she received messages. We set intentions for our healing session which took place in the very comfortable practitioner room at Ritual. I felt a great sense of resonance as Molly moved throughout the healing. I could feel energies shifting as pain and darkness was leaving my body. I wept, I felt gratitude, I felt a deep connection to my childhood self and released what I no longer needed to carry around. I had a strong sense that my guides and angels were in the room with me in a palpable way I have not experienced previously. I felt a lightness and joy after our session, which Molly conducted with warmth and professionalism. And now the miraculous part, the Before & After, I am humbled and profoundly thankful to report that the rash on my leg made a 180゚ turn around overnight. Since that session I've had no new blisters, the itching dissipated almost immediately which is beyond comprehension, and my leg is healing. My doctors and loved ones are blown away and can't explain it. To me it is the best possible outcome, and it reaffirms all that I feel and know to be true.
Molly is the real deal. The universe brought her into my life for a powerful reason and I am in awe of the gifts that she has cultivated.
Whether you are new to energy work or if you want to continue your healing journey, I urge you with love and sincerity to spend some time with Molly.
Be well!


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