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Episode 3: New Moon Messages

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Happy New Moon in Pisces! Time to open your eyes to any energy that is no longer serving you, so that you can create the changes and life that you want to create. If you prefer to listen to the reading, I will be recording it and uploading it this week. I just wanted to release it to the newsletter list first.

This is the last New Moon before the New Energetic Year aka the Spring Equinox and some of you are ready to close out toxic cycles, limiting patterns, thoughts and relationships. You may be reviewing old lessons that you have been working on and integrating a new phase, entering a new season and identity. I pulled a couple of cards for the energy behind what this group is moving through right now and where you can shift it.

So right off the bat I am feeling this underlying irritation or nagging coming to the surface. This may also be showing up as anxiety, frustration and feelings coming to the surface regularly when you are in a specific situation, relationship(s), or place. What is this telling you? There is a part of you that wants to tell it how it is and lay in on somebody or something, but really the underlying message is that they probably aren't willing to hear you, understand or change. How can you work through this and take steps to move out of this situation?

There is this feeling when I look at the cards that you have been kind of trying to let things go and be understanding and a team player but something is amiss. What have you been ignoring or going along with others to keep the peace? I see the woman in the Confrontation card putting her blinders on and looking straight ahead just to get by, but then suddenly almost realizing there are all of these other people flying beside her. What does this mean for you? Maybe there is a realization there is more than what meets the eye in terms of opportunities, people and places and ways of being/doing this. You may be just grit and bearing it rather than moving away to a new path. There are people who will align with you, your values and your vision rather than the people you are trying to make it work with. I mean she is riding a freaking bobcat and forgetting the power that she holds within her. It's time to reclaim it and take your power back. There is space for compromise and there is misalignment and people pleasing.

The Epiphany Card almost feels like the realization of how you have been holding yourself back or what is no longer in alignment. Where you are focusing on what is being said vs. what you are sensing and feeling on a intuitive and psychic level. You don't always have to do what you think people want you to do, just because it's what you have always done, you don't want to rock the boat or be left behind. This may be where your insecurities, self doubt, fear and programming will try to get in your way of making this change. How can you change the channel? Focus on what you can do to support yourself and health through this. One of the ways you can do this is get quiet and tune into yourself.

Start to get to know your own inner voice and tuning into the messages of your body. Find ways to practice being in your energetic space, breathwork, yoga, mindful walks or maybe even just listening to calming music while taking the time to breathe and meditate. Working with your spirit guides and angels. Pisces Season is perfect for this type of connection and for dreaming big. This practice can support you in being able to discern what is and isn't serving you, what it is that you want and need. Setting boundaries can also help with tuning in as well. When you start to realize the changes you need to make, you may need to rely on yourself and what you are feeling from within. What feels good/lighter/aligned for YOU? Refrain from giving in to what everyone else wants, needs, or your worries regarding the response to such changes that you want to take place.

I feel like one of the most prominent messages for this episode was:

Take the risk on sacrificing whatever is not aligned or working vs. sacrificing yourself, wellbeing and your mental health. When you move away from all of this - imagine all of the energy shifting channels or boxes- when you start to release that irritation, stress, overwhelm, worry- it shifts and makes space for what it is you need to create more flow, creativity, opportunities for what it is you are really aligned with. There may be a little time and space for you in between. This is an opportunity to realign and focus your energy on what it is you're seeking and realign your energy. Tune in to your joy, your space of peace, what fills your cup. Shift your focus to contentment if joy feels like a big jump from how you are feeling. Take the time to connect with people where there is a balance and who love you for you. Make the space needed for you and your next steps so you can find a new flow, focus on the step by step process of the changes being made and new opportunities.

Be gentle with yourself this Pisces Seasons and trust when it is the time to shift.


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