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December '22 Monthly Messages

This is a transcript of an episode. If there are any grammar or fragments, I am just doing my best to transcribe the episode to the best of my ability at this time. I know it is not perfect language or writing and I am sorry for that.

This is a group reading, so please be kind, take the parts of the reading that resonate or work for you and leave the rest. Thank you!

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Musing with Molly. I'm your host, Molly Fitzpatrick, and we're kicking off the show with December Monthly Messages. So each month I'm going to be offering a group reading for you to tune into. I hope it gives you some perspective, insight, and you’ll be able to take something from it and be able to use it for your greatest good. With that, let's dive in.

All right, so December is all about attending to the details. So whether that be for the holiday season or maybe you're starting a new chapter, or maybe this is an opportunity for you to really assess what is and isn't working. I feel like this is more on a foundational level, so building habits and structure within your schedule that is healthy for you. This card is in the sign Virgo, so I feel like it's about a means of cleansing anything out that is no longer serving you or at least tying up loose knots or loose ends. But I feel like this is really a time for you to start to assess what it is that you really want and also start to notice where you're being a little bit too rational or rigid within your perspective.

Sometimes with our greatest intentions, we can put too much on our plate or we can put so much pressure on ourselves or want things to be a certain way. And this can stop us from really enjoying the mystery of life. Sometimes when we're a little too rigid, we can almost get in our own way of what's trying to take shape for us and we can almost block our own blessings. So this is an opportunity for you to start to get really honest with yourself and start to figure out whether the way that you're doing things is really what's best or what's serving you. Doing this with grace and compassion.

I almost feel like you are, like, on the grind and trying to get to the next step. Like there is a constant checklist going in your brain. And I feel like this is an opportunity for you to really slow down, take a beat and really reflect on all that you've accomplished, all of your growth, all of the healing that you've been doing, and all of the experience that you've been cultivating, which brings more knowledge, learning, and awareness. So if you really allow yourself to stop for a minute and really be proud of yourself and stop being so hard on yourself. I feel like you may be pushing yourself to do something a certain way and it's not working for you.

So this is an opportunity for you to take inventory and take the time to be with yourself, to reorganize and reestablish and let go of any preconceived notions about how you think things are going to go or supposed to go. I feel like maybe some of you feel like you're kind of taking a detour right now. If you do make these changes or if you're again, starting a new chapter where there really was a concrete ending of something tangible and now you're looking to the horizon, to something new.

So to really bring yourself back to the present and back in connection to your body. I feel like one of your blocks is also a lot of head energy where you're getting lost in your thoughts and lost in the what ifs and all the stories. I literally am starting to spin my head as I chat. So once you really evaluate what it is that needs changing- I feel like some of you know what needs changing and I feel like some of you are scared because if you let go of the reigns or you let go of that rational mindset, let go of that control or albeit perceived control, that feels scary. So allowing yourself to kind of let go of the reigns and allow the universe to kind of help you, where can you be a little bit more gentle with yourself and a little bit more softer?

It's interesting because the action steps here is step into your power. And I feel like a lot of times when we think of the word power, like, I'm literally like seeing Superman or seeing someone at the gym, like, pushing a freaking one of those sled things that are like, do you guys know what I'm talking about? I think football players use them, but I also think they're in a lot of gyms. But anyway, so I feel like when we think about power, we think of someone, like, flexing their muscles and saying, “I’m going to do this, and I'm going to do this, this and that, and I'm going to be king of the world.” And not in a necessarily egotistical way, but a very masculine way. And I'm really drawn to the fact that the woman on this card, she almost looks like she's dancing, she looks strong, but she's also has her body kind of flung back, like almost like reaching back towards the stars and looking up at the sky. And if we look at this kind of metaphorically, you know, her looking at the sky and kind of dreaming, and I feel like that's where, again, those mindset shifts can really help you let go.

Affirming: “I am open to the possibility of everything working out. I am open to the possibility of everything working out. I trust the universe has my back. I trust that I am going to be held and provided for. I trust in the flow of life. I trust in the flow of life.” And now it is a beautiful thing to have goals and have boundaries and standards for ourselves. But again, sometimes we can get so lost in almost this rigid thinking and structure. And we may have done this in the past as a means to either motivate ourselves or create some sort of discipline, or it was a means to protect ourselves, whether that be we were scared that we're going to get hurt again or we don't want to be taken advantage of, or maybe this was a pattern from childhood. Or it's that belief that if I let go or if I give somebody else a little bit of the reins or allow people to support me, everything is going to fall apart or they're not going to do it the way that I wanted them to do it, or I think is best. Or maybe you want to prove somebody wrong. And I feel like maybe this is an opportunity for you to allow yourself to trust that your needs are going to be met, there's going to be security, there is going to be opportunities that are going to show up on your path that are going to support you in a better way.

Something a reader that I listen to, he says, you know, you can't have both bits, you can't have both. So sometimes we have to let go of the old in order for the new to show up. And it doesn't necessarily mean we have to like, go cold turkey on something. I feel like if you can let go a little bit and make space, but for some of you, I'm really feeling like you really need, maybe you do really need to let go. Because even when I say that, I start to tighten my body again, my lower body, like trying to hang on to something that really isn't serving you. Really again, there's a need to come back into your body and really learn to dance with life. I feel like in creating this new foundation for yourself again, you really need to give yourself compassion, forgive yourself.

We don't have to stay the same. Just because we've done something a certain way for a long time, it doesn't mean that we have to continue to do so. And we can be open to a new flow. Rather than it feeling like you're hiking up a mountain, what if you allow yourself to float in the waves, give yourself a break and take some time to just let life support you. When you're ready, you can dive back into the ocean and do your breaststroke. I feel like it's more about, again, coming back to that woman who is strong and rooted in the ground, but her whole top half of her body is in control, but she's allowing life to flow like she is dancing with life. Allowing yourself to be honest with yourself about what it is that you need.

Some of you may need a little bit more structure in terms of really taking care of yourself and being gentle with yourself. I feel like this is really about a softness and action, and there is a lot of water in this reading. And I really feel like that has to do with going with the flow a little bit more and also like taking the jump to do what it is that you're being guided to do, rather than getting lost in the sauce, getting lost in your thoughts and the stories. I'm getting chills everywhere. So really taking the jump. It doesn't have to be perfect. You can show up a little bit messy per se and not really know the full plan. And that's okay. Sometimes spirit doesn't lay it all out there for us. Life wouldn't be as exciting and enjoyable. It wouldn't have those moments where we go, wow, look at what is happening, look what I've created.

And I feel like we can find ways to be more present along the way. It doesn't have to be hard all the time. You know, we can find ways to create ease while still doing what it is that we need to do and building a foundation that supports that. But it starts with us and how we think and how we show up and move in the world. And those changes can be made little by little. It doesn't necessarily need to be all at once. It's not meant to be. But when we're being guided to take that chance and step back and allow life to hold us in a new way, again, this is about letting go and having faith that everything is going to work out. And I know that sounds really cliche, but I really feel like sometimes when we put all of this pressure on ourselves with good intentions, you know, we do this with good intentions sometimes. Often times, you know, because we're trying to do the damn thing. We're trying to do whatever it is that we came here to accomplish.

Sometimes that comes from more of a space of force than flow. And I totally understand sometimes we need to do that in our life. But even when I'm saying that again, that tightness in my root and feeling like so strained and my feet aren't on the ground. And it's time. It is time to let go and allow people to be there for you and allow you to be there for yourself in a new way.

Now, I hope this resonated with you all in some way. Please take what resonates and leave the rest. And I hope you can find the space and grace to be more compassionate in yourself and really be proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished, all of your growth, and be open to new beginnings and a new chapter. And not necessarily a new chapter for all of you, but a new foundation and a new flow. I'm going to say flow because again, this is about being in the flow of life and of your body and of your needs. And this can allow you to really enjoy the journey a little bit more and be more present for the journey a little bit more. We can waste a lot of time worrying and it's not going to take away from the fact that life is going to happen, you know life is going to happen. There is going to be things that come up and shake us up, and I'm not denying that. But when we are constantly worrying about what could go wrong, when we're being guided to do things a different way, we're just making it harder on ourselves, then it needs to be. So please be gentle with yourself because you are doing this. And even if it's not going exactly on the timeline that you thought it was going to be, it's all making its way to you in its own way, even if it's not in the way you initially thought it would be.

Take action in the ways that really feel aligned for you and really choose to empower yourself through your actions, but also in the way that you're thinking about yourself and your journey in your life. Come back to the present and take a step back in order to get your bearings and build a foundation that is truly going to allow you to thrive. Because that's really what we want, right?

And I just want to say I am grateful for all of you. Thank you all for being here on this journey with me. I am growing and learning and putting myself out of my comfort zone too, even from doing like something like this podcast. So please know you're not alone and also remember that life is a practice. Healing is a practice. So if you find yourself beating yourself up, please, please be more gentle with yourself. Take the time to really forgive yourself where you need to. We can only do the best that we can do until we have that awareness again, that it's time to shift, right? And if you want to reach out to me or if you enjoyed this episode and it resonated for you, please feel free to reach out to me through email or direct messaging. Please share this on your stories, leave a review or share it with someone who you think could really use it right now. I'm wishing you all the best and please be patient with yourself and the process. I hope you enjoyed musing with me. See you next time.

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