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Shift into Alignment
Healing Package

Welcome to Shift Into Alignment!  It is set up with a balance of readings, self work tools and energy healing services for a well rounded package.  I believe creating deeper alignment and flow is all about making small shifts in our daily life, within our thoughts, habits and actions. My intention is to help you tune in to your energy blocks, bring more awareness on where you need more support and hold space for you on your inner exploration. This package is set up to be broken down over a course of five weeks to give you the time to process, allow intuitive hits and connections to come through and give you a chance to sit with and integrate the healing, readings and tools that are facilitated. 

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Weekly Waves of Healing

Weekly Waves of Healing

Week One: Chakra Pendulum Reading and Chakra Meditation~ This session provides a baseline on which chakras need a little extra support and how you can start to balance them through supportive practices. It can include suggestions to support your healing, crystal recommendations, and journal questions to sit with. I will also send a chakra balancing guided meditation.

Week Two: Mind, Physical Life, Spirit Reading ~ This reading offers a deeper look into your most pressing blocks. The intention is to help you streamline what to start integrating on an inner and outer level to support your healing for your highest good.  

Week Three: Channeled Affirmations ~ A starting block

Week Five: Energy Healing ~ One Hour Session via Zoom

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